Canicross-outsports is not required to follow the directives andregulations of the Sport Associations. Whereby we use the regulation of ECF andIFSS (Dog scooter) for our competitions. A dog guide examination or Musher ID(Better Mushing) is preferable but not required. Everybody and every dog breed,with or without physical limitations are welcome. Pre-requisite forparticipation is the signed disclaimer (Haftungsauschluss-Erklärung), a validdog vaccination book including rabies vaccination.

The starter equipment including transponder, MTB race number and runningrace number will be handed out at race organizer tent at given time during theevent. The transponder has to be handed back after the race to our volunteers.

During the dog triathlon you are not allowed the exchange the dog.During the dog triathlon relay team race each participant can use his/her dogon race part. We recommend that you practice the handling in the transitionarea prior to the event

Night race

The night race is part of the triathlon, duathlon and the relay teamrace and to been completed by each participant / team. The race time of thenight race will be added to the competition time. You are required to wear ahead light during the race.



-        Single start

-        Max 150m – near the bank, around18 degrees water temeperatur

-        A wet suit is not mandatory butallowed; A wet suit can protect also again dog scratches

-        The dog has to wear a harnessand a collar

-        Swimming support stuff asflippers are not allowed

-        The swim race will take place inthe waist high water near the bank; Breaks at bank are allowed  and   after thebreak you are allowed to continue the swim; Running onto the bank is notallowed

-        In the transition area the doghas to be attached at event-stakeout and only at the start of the nextdiscipline to be attached to your self

-        Only good compatible dogs to putnext to each other, in question please put the dog onto a space where the rangebetween the dogs is big enough; the dogs will be observed by one of ourvolunteers

Bike race

-        From the transition are towardsStart/Finish area you have to walk your bike

-        Short before the transition areaspeed as to be adapted and at the finish line you have to get off your bike

-        In the transition area the doghas to be attached at event-stakeout. Park your bike, put on your race belt andonly then attach your dog to your race belt

-        During the overtake makeyourself alert and pass good and save manner

-        Alternative to bike you areallowed to use dog scooter

-        Race helmet and race gloves aremandatory! Without race helmet no start. The race helmet has to be in goodcondition. You have to wear your helmet before to take your bike until place itback..

 Running race

-        The race distance is around1800m and your will run in clockwise direction once around the camping. At thefinish line you have to hand back the transponder to the volunteers. During thenight race you have to wear a head light.

Transition Area 

-        In the transition area is dogstakeout; Use blue for swim to bike; Red for swim to race; The dogs have tobeen connected at the collar during transition period; Free run dog is notallowed

-        The dog has to be controlledtight within transition area; Bike and dog scooter has to been walked in thetransition area;

-        Prior the transition area(marked team area) the transition of the relay team race will take place

-        All bike racks are numbered withyour race number the exception is during the relay team race

-        The race place in the transitionare has to been equipped prior the race start; The starters of the Sunday racecan equip their place from Saturday 4pm until the first starter of the Sundayrace

-        Participants which are currentlynot racing have to be considerately with racing participants; Spaces of thetransition area will be closed from time to time

-        All stuff which are required forthe transition (race number, helmet, race shoes, clothes) have to put next tobike/scooter; Your place is marked with your race number; Please don’t put anybags into the transition area

Time recording

-        An electronic time recordingwith a transponder will take place; The transponder has to been handed back atthe finish line to the volunteers; The transponder is used during the relayteam race as the relay


Race Discussion

-        30 minutes prior the swimmingrace the race discussion will take place at the main entrance of camping

-        Participation is obligatory



-        The transponder has to been wornat the ankle

-        MTB race number has to put atvisible at handlebar, running race number to be put onto a number race belt tobeen worn at the back

-        Running race number to be putonto a number race belt to been onto the front (number race belt can be orderedduring registration or have to brought to the race)

-        Helmet and clothes to marked inthe transition area with race number stickers

-        T-shirts or shirts has been wornduring the bike/scooter and running race

-        You have to follow theinstruction of the volunteers

-        Volunteers are wearing yellowsafety vest

-        Shower and exchange rooms are onthe camping

-        Glass bottles are forbiddencompetition area

-        Dogs and bikes/scooters are notallowed to be exchanged during race; Exception is the relay team race whereeach participant can use their own dog

-        Dogs are only allowed to beregistered for once race 

Relay team race

-        One team exists out of 3 starterand 3 dogs (1x swimming, 1x bike/scooter, 1x running)

-        The transpoinder is the relay;The relay has to be handed over in the team zone and have be worn fordisciplines at the ankle;

-        The running race number has tobe given from the biker to the runner as well in the team zone

-        The biker takes the transponderof the swimmer in the team zone prior the transition zone; Then the biker goesto his/her bike; The biker the handed over the transponder and the race numberto runner (number race belts can support the easier transaction)